Specialty Products
view larger image A J1002 Safety Cap. The J1002 Safety Cap Kit consists of 2 heavy gauge, tethered plastic caps, which are placed over the exposed ends of cable racks in open pits or other locations where personal injury could result from falling onto the racks.

view larger image T1010 Side Walk Guy Pipe. The T1010 Sidewalk Guy Pipe is a 2 inch diameter 8 foot long galvanized steel pipe. Also available in 10 foot lengths.

view larger image T5101 Splicers Knife, Snips and Pouch. The T5101 Kit components, Splicers Knife, Snips and Pouch are also available individually
Splicers Knife T5102
Electricians Snips T5103
Pouch T5104

view larger image T5200 Tripod. The T5200 Tripod is an adjustable mount with tripod legs and a mounting bar that allows versatile horizontal and vertical mounting of 710 and other tools being used in manhole, cross-connect and building splicing operations.

view larger image T7100 Alarms. The T7100 Series of OEM and retrofitable alarms are designed to seize and control the internal alarms of DLC Cabinets, Huts, CEV’s and other alarmed facilities, preventing equipment loss and or damage due to doors accidentally being left open or through vandalism.  During service and routining operations the audible alarm is turned off by the on-site craft in 30 minute cycles. If not reset after 30 minutes the cabinet alarm is transmitted to its designated alarm center.

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