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710 Connector Assembly Tools

view larger image T1006 Aerial Cable Tool Mount. The T1006 Aerial Cable Tool Mount is used to mount 710 Connector assembly tools to aerial cable support strand, placing the tool in its correct position for splicing operations.

view larger image T5201 710 Bridge Connector Removal Tool. The 710 Bridge Removal Tool is used to disconnect 710 Bridge Modules from the 710 Splice Module without damaging the module contacts.

view larger image T5202 710 Connector Cap Removal Tool. The T5202 Cap Removal Tool is used to remove the caps from assembled 710 connectors.

view larger image T9013 25 Pair Segmented Blade. The T9013 25 Pair Segmented Blade replaces cutting blades found in 710, 835 and 890 type cutter-presser tools.

view larger image T9079 E Module Support.

view larger image T9084 F Module Support.

view larger image T9710A Tool Mounting Kit. The T9710A Tool Mounting Kit (102974805) contains all the necessary items used to support splicing tools in the proper positions for constructing 710 and 711 modular splices.

view larger image T9890B Cutter-Presser. The T9890B  (104040555) and T9890E  (104430319) are hydraulically operated tools used for assembling the 25 pair 710 Connectors.

view larger image T9890E Cutter-Presser. The T9890E provides a test plug connector, allowing the tool to be connected directly to a suitable test set for electrically testing the spliced pairs. The T9890B has no electrical test capability.

view larger image T7386 L Presser. The T9900 L Presser Tool used for connecting CONECS Cables.

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view larger image T9996 Cutter-Presser. The T9996 Cutter-Presser is a self contained hydraulic tool used for pressing MS2 ™ modules.

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