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T9710A Tool Mounting Kit. The T9710A Tool Mounting Kit (102974805) contains all the necessary items used to support splicing tools in the proper positions for constructing 710 and 711 modular splices.

T9850B Tool. The T9850B (105491344) is a hydraulically operated, dual mandrel tool used for assembling the 711 Connector in In-Line (Straight), Butt Slicing and Half Tapping applications.

T9851A Closing Tool. The T9851A Closing Tool is used to press assembled 711 Connector mandrels into their mating receptacles.

T9852A Tool. The T9852A Tool is used for single wire cut-off and insertion operations when correcting Tip and Ring reverses etc.

T9854A Tool. The T9854A Tool (103714143) is a manually operated single mandrel tool used for In-Line (Straight), Butt Splicing and Half Tapping applications.

T9855A Tool. The T9855A Tool (103714150) is a manually operated dual mandrel tool which permits double half-tapping of equipment cables, extending new features or cable lengths.

T9980A Wire Removal Tool. The T9980A Tool is used for removing terminated wires from 112 and 78 type terminal blocks on COSMIC MDF’s.

T9998A Outside Cut-Off Tool. The T9998A Outside Cut-Off Tool is used for mass cutting of half-tapped wires from 711 receptacle assembly housings.

Inaddition to the individual tools shown, three complete kits of various 711 Connector Assembly Tools are available, all are packaged in divided cases.

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T9950C Wire Insertion and Removal Tool. The T9950C is a multi-purpose tool used to cut, terminate or remove wires from 112 and 78 type blocks on COSMIC MDF’s.

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